Power Production

In order to produce power, a large volume of steam must be created in boilers for use within several steam turbines. To prevent blockage from contaminants and degradation due to scaling, very pure water must be used in the boilers. This level of purity is easily achieved with Lighthouse’s state of the art filtration systems. Although the process can be tweaked slightly based on the source of the water, the following process assumes the use of a surface water source. For primary filtration, the influent stream is fed into one of our Plate Clarifiers to remove any larger suspended solids. From the Plate Clarifier, the stream would then flow into one of our Volcano Filters (Multimedia Package) to remove any finer suspended solids. From there, the stream would then be fed into a Lighthouse recommended reverse osmosis system for a double pass. This water would then be pure enough for use in the boilers. If the influent water was sourced from a municipal water source, then the process would be very similar with only slight modifications.